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One Person's Discovery of Orb Photography

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Orbs: The Energy Around Us

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Meet The Author

Sandy Mayberry was born in California and grew up in Wisconsin and Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN with a B.A. in Telecommunications and English. She started her career in 1985 in Indianapolis and moved to Texas in 1987 to work out of the Movie Studios at Las Colinas. After several years in television, she joined the Freeman Companies in 1991 to produce conventions and trade shows. She lives in Texas with her family and 3 dogs. Penny, Lily and Stewart.
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What You Will Find Inside This Book

Orbs: The Energy Around Us is The strange and beautiful story that started with a family trip to the mystical vortex of Sedona, Arizona. One interesting vacation photo stirred my curiosity and heightened my awareness to the presence of the unknown.

For me, this story started decades ago, and the proof is in the family photos that were uncovered in our attic just recently. As this journey unfolded, I realized the perfectly round dots of light and beautifully heart-shaped figures on my photos were not simply tricks of light but something much more meaningful and intentional.

And for you, this story is also as old as the snapshots you have. Orbs – those living, responsive balls of light we can mostly see as circles on photographs – are all around us. They point us the way to go and remind us of what is always important.

Orbs: The Energy Around Us is a book about mystery, discovery and awareness. It brings us together in community and reminds us of the unique place in the Universe that each of us holds.

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What You Will Find Inside This Book

Orbs: A Message of Love is an authentic, true story, as it details a family photographer and the events leading up to capturing a Heart-shaped, Orb, as it appeared floating over a trampoline in Mt. Vernon, Texas.

Each page captures a variety of orb photos and descriptions of what was being photographed at the time. It is a story about the mystery and the history of orb appearances in one photographers work over the past few decades.

The ability of people to capture orbs on photographs is a mystery. We ask ourselves big questions. What are orbs? Why do some photographers capture orbs while others can not? This book, with its variety of orb photos, is a perfect gift from Sandy Mayberry and, quite possibly, evidence of energy forms in our universe attempting to communicate with us - the unseen made visible! How perfect that we can now expand our awareness in such kind and gentle ways."
Darlynn Bowman, PhD, CMHt, Sedona, Arizona.

Reader Comments

“Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, spirits, guardian angels, etc., this book will make you think about what our cameras can capture among us!  The author presents a good case that we should keep an open mind and an open heart to what love might be surrounding us!”

Donna Loughmiller


“When Brian May, the lead guitarist of the rock group “Queen” started posting pictures around 2005, and talking about orbs, he wondered what they were and what their significance might be.  I realized that I’ve had experiences with orbs, too.  I remember seeing circles of light in my photos and I wondered what they were.  I also thought that I might be crazy.  There were people who said they were one thing or another, to explain that the orbs are basically nothing. Then, some of us always suspected that the orbs were something more.  Maybe some type of energy that has yet to be truly discovered.  I’m the guy who likes scientific proof, but I also believe in spiritual occurrences like the orb phenomena.  I firmly believe that the orbs may be  trying to communicate with us.

Rich Torres Owner at Silver Spike Productions


 “Sandy’s open heart and curiosity have enabled her to share her journey with us.  I deeply appreciate her heartfelt writing and willingness to venture into the unknown.  Her discovery of orbs is filled with wonder and love and is a blessing for all of us to view the world with new eyes.”

Patricia Pigman Arts and Adventure Group of Marin County


“Orbs: A Message of Love makes me want to go and take pictures to see what shows up on my photos.  Whatever you believe, read with an open mind and you will find yourself fascinated, comforted, and inspired.”

Tracy Lastrapes Worship Leader


“I first saw a round, ball of light floating across a room and out of a window as a little girl sitting with my grandmother in her living room.  We would talk about that experience throughout the rest of her life.  Years later, I started to notice similar looking balls of light in our family photos which I now believe are orbs.  The photos span over thirty years.  Cameras and technology have clearly changed but the orbs continue to show up randomly in photos across the world.  When Sandy shared her experience, there was an immediate connection.  Thank you, Sandy for sharing your message of love, light and awareness, reminding us to take note of the energy that surrounds us all.”

 Lisa Porter Account Manager, Wholesale Office Products


 “Sandy introduced me to orbs not long ago, and I was suddenly seeing them everywhere and also hearing from folks who had seen them.  I live near a small lake, and my neighbor tells me that she sometimes sees a white light over the water nearby.  She calls it her  “Lake Angel”.  She said it comes every night just after sunset.  I hope that Sandy can visit someday and take a picture of it.  I believe the orbs are being seen to remind us to love one another no matter what our circumstances or differences may be.”

Sally Duncan Hill Hospital & Healthcare Professional


“Sandy has opened our hearts to seeing the world through her eyes and challenging us to look deeper.  Thank you for being you, Sandy!”

Brandy Turrentine Turrentine Jackson Morrow, Funeral Care Providers


“In the world of energy, so much lies within our reach when we open ourselves to it.  Sandy Mayberry unexpectedly captured the beauty of orbs that are always around us, usually not seen.  What an adventure into the energetic beauty we are a part of, whether we know it or not.  May this book inspire us all to open our hearts and receive the messages of love coming to us in ways we don’t understand or find logical.  After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience and we are loved more than we can possibly imagine!  Thank you, Sandy for sharing the love.

 Cindy Hudson Spiritual Doula


“Sandy shows great bravery and pushes the boundaries of our perception of reality.”

 Margie Schraer Property Management Professional


“I was only vaguely familiar with the term orb before reading ORBS: A Message of Love.  This book is beautifully written and has amazing pictures capturing the true essence of orbs.  While much of it remains a mystery to me, I enjoyed learning through the lens and words of this author.  This book has opened my eyes and heightened my awareness of the unknown.  Thank you, Sandy for having the courage to share your story.”

Kelly Tallo Owner, MVP Sports Group


“Sandy’s book of orb photos is an expression of her faith, determination and love of all things nature!”

Stephanie RN, BSN


“Sandy’s endless passion throughout her spiritual journey is truly inspirational.  The heart behind her writing is genuine, and a true depiction of her character and how she lives her life, with relentless joy throughout all circumstances.  She continues to captivate her readers because she is wholeheartedly herself, and her stories shine simply because of that.  Thank you, Sandy for taking us on this journey and for bringing hope to myself and others along the way.”

Samantha Fauth Insurance Specialist


 “While orbs are a total mystery to me, I do know that they make me feel good, energized and intrigued.  Thank you, Sandy, for introducing me to this world.  I was fortunate to be with Sandy one evening when she was taking pictures and I captured my own orbs with my cellphone camera.  I love the gifted, loving spirituality of the orbs.  Sandy is an entertaining and enthusiastic speaker.  She spoke at our Dallas women’s meeting last fall where a group of  forty ladies learned about the orbs and greatly enjoyed her presentation.”

Shirl Kimzey Public Educator


“What is energy?  It surrounds us.  Everything is made up of energy.  It is electromagnetic radiation, it is light, it is movement and sound.  It has vibration, resonance and frequency. Diving deeper, you may ask, “what is subtle energy?”  Subtle energy has many names: Chi, Ki, Prana, Life-force, Ka, Akasha, ether, soul, spirit and Tesla waves, to name a few.  Subtle energy is something that has been seen and felt by healers and energy-sensitive people for thousands of years.  It has been described as electromagnetic wavelengths, rates of vibration, patterns of pulsation – the dynamic infrastructure of the body, which is commonly referred to as the aura.  I believe that orbs fall into this category as well. The relationship between subtle energy and electromagnetic energy is similar to the relationship between steam and water.  While steam may not be measureable in a cup, like water is, we know its existence to be true. The orb photos that Sandy Mayberry has taken are incredible.  I believe they are a visible manifestation of positive energy, possibly transmitting empowered thoughts of love, peace and healing in our troubled times.  Semantics and labels can be our biggest problem in society.  Words such as energy, God, Reiki, soul and quantum can cause confusion and even hostility.  So for now, let’s not worry about the words and semantics, let’s just talk about the message of the orbs.  What are they trying to convey?  Just the fact that they are around and have always been swirling around us?  I believe they manifest empowered thoughts of love, joy, peace, wellness and positivity.  If we are open to the energy of the orbs, we may be part of a higher level of consciousness that this planet desperately needs right now.  As we begin to understand that we are fundamentally energetic and informational beings, let’s shift our focus to this expansive matrix of love and light where healing can occur.  Where we are connected.  Like attracts like.  Love attracts love.  As we attract to these higher frequencies, this energy may become more visible.  Tune in and allow for the pure positive energy of the orbs not just in photos, but perhaps in your surroundings.  As I recall what we learned in physics,  “the law of conservation of energy, a fundamental concept of physics, states that the total amount of energy remains constant in an isolated system.  It implies that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be changed from one form to another.” Thank you, Sandy, for your book and for being a part of the greater goodness and awakening that our world so needs today!”

Lori Spielman Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer


“I love that Sandy is bringing awareness to the experience of orbs and the fact that some people still continue to believe that orbs are a malfunction of the camera, but to many others, these photos mean so much more.  This becomes an issue of faith, and how we view our world and interact with others.  Her book is definitely comforting to those of us who are experiencing the same phenomenon as Sandy.”

Nicholas General Motors Engineering