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One Person's Discovery of Orb Photography

ORBS: A Message of Love

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What You Will Find Inside This Book

Orbs: A Message of Love is an authentic, true story, as it details a family photographer and the events leading up to capturing a Heart-shaped, Orb, as it appeared floating over a trampoline in Mt. Vernon, Texas.

Each page captures a variety of orb photos and descriptions of what was being photographed at the time. It is a story about the mystery and the history of orb appearances in one photographers work over the past few decades.

The ability of people to capture orbs on photographs is a mystery. We ask ourselves big questions. What are orbs? Why do some photographers capture orbs while others can not? This book, with its variety of orb photos, is a perfect gift from Sandy Mayberry and, quite possibly, evidence of energy forms in our universe attempting to communicate with us - the unseen made visible! How perfect that we can now expand our awareness in such kind and gentle ways."
Darlynn Bowman, PhD, CMHt, Sedona, Arizona

Meet The Author

Sandy Mayberry was born in California and grew up in Wisconsin and Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN with a B.A. in Telecommunications and English. She started her career in 1985 in Indianapolis and moved to Texas in 1987 to work out of the Movie Studios at Las Colinas. After several years in television, she joined the Freeman Companies in 1991 to produce conventions and trade shows. She lives in Texas with her family and 3 dogs. Penny, Lily and Stewart.
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